Thursday, October 9, 2008

AEPSi Customized CODRF

AEPSi subscribers have the option of customizing a CODRF (Child Observation Data Recording Form). You have several options of what to include in your customized report:
Choose an Area (fine motor, gross motor, adaptive, cognitive, social communication, social)
Scores: you may select goals and/ or objectives that had a score of 0, 1, and/or 2
Notes: you may select goals and/or objectives for example that had an associated note of A for Assistance.
IFSP/IEP: you may select goals and/or objectives that had the IFSP/IEP box checked

Customizing a CODRF can be helpful for monitoring progress on specific goals and/or objectives. Completing the AEPS several times a year may not be enough progress monitoring to inform and guide your instruction for some children in some areas. For example, you have a child who struggles with emergent literacy, therefore, you are gearing your instruction to target these particular items with more intensity, more practice etc.

You have options for customizing a CODRF

Option 1: When scoring the AEPS check the IFSP/IEP box to reflect the emergent literacy skills you are targeting for example in Fine Motor it may be Strand B, G. 1 Obj. 1.1 and Goal 2 . In the Cognitive Area it may be Strand C. Obj. 3.1 and Strand H. G. 1, G. 2 and Obj. 3.1. Now that you have checked these boxes you can generate a CODRF that only list these goals and objectives in Fine Motor and Cognitive.

Option 2: Using the same goals and objectives above which are all scored a 1, you generate a Fine Motor and Cognitive CODRF that only lists goals and objectives that have a score of 1. The CODRF's will include the items listed above and every other goal and/or objective you scored a 1on in that area.

Note: If you print the customized CODRF's you can key the items you are collecting more frequent data on by highlighting the goal/and or objective to discriminate from all items listed on the CODRF.

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